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SunPro Graphics Artwork Guidelines

Some Important notes:

SunPro Graphics is committed to providing the highest of quality large scale digital graphics. In order to accomplish that in this section we will outline what we can do together to overcome some of the obstacles that may hinder the creative and production processes associated with large scale printing.


  • Acceptable file types are Illustrator .EPS or .AI. If artwork is created in Photoshop, please save as a .TIFF or .JPG. .PSD's may also be useful. At times if files must be manipulated we may request editable layered files. Note: “Microsoft Word”, “Word Perfect” or similar word processing applications are not acceptable as ready to print files. Layout and design rates apply when supplying such files.

  • Scaling: We suggest using one of two methods for scaled artwork. You can work at 1/10th scale at 750 Dpi or Full size at least 75 Dpi( 100 DPI recommended). Sizing up artwork with improper resolution may result in grainy, jagged or blurry image when sized up.

  • Please scale artwork in their native programs - scaling in other programs can produce unexpected results.

  • Templates: When necessary SunPro Graphics can provide templates for specific vehicles, signs etc. Note: Do not work directly on template layers, template layers are discarded when sent to print. Also do not scale templates as this may result in improperly sized final output.

  • Fonts: Convert all text to outlines to eliminate font incompatibility.

  • Bleed must be included in design. (More is always better, we can always take some bleed out if we don't need it.)

  • Avoid placing text too close to any edge, wheel well, handles, hinges, door jams, etc.

  • Do not link objects or images to its target file. All objects needed for any one file should be embedded in one file.

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